The Facility

The Skills Acquisition and Innovation Lab (SAIL) is a 3,200-square-foot facility, complete with three simulation rooms, one conference room, one control room, a simulation hallway and a lounge. 

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SAIL Floor plan

A Conference Room

This state-of-the-art 350-square-foot Conference Room contains six LED flat screen TVs, seven HD cameras and 10 ceiling microphones. This room is primarily designed for debriefing of recorded sessions, allowing us to play back up to four recordings at once. It can fit 25 people.

Other uses of the room:

  • Live viewing of other parts of the lab
  • Recording debriefing sessions
  • Video conferencing anywhere in the world via Polycom
  • Conferences and meetings
  • PowerPoint presentations.
B OR Simulation Room

The simulation Operating Room (OR) is 350 square feet and designed to immerse participants in a high fidelity environment. The room can be customized to fit most simulations and events. It can fit 10 people.

The room generally includes:

  • Five HD PTZ cameras (four channel recording)
  • Five ceiling microphones
  • Medical gas supply through the ceiling
  • Fully outfitted Anesthesia machine
  • Two LED flat screen TVs
  • Fully stocked anesthesia cart
  • SimMan 3G
  • Storz Laparoscopic Tower (recordable)
  • OR Booms and lights
  • Speaker system (line in and microphone)
  • Defibrillator.
C Task Training Room

The Task Training Room is 550 square feet and designed to hold educational sessions in a larger, more comfortable setting. The room can be moved and adjusted to accommodate most educational sessions. It can fit 20 people.

The room generally includes:

  • Three FLS Box trainers
  • Five Storz laparoscopic towers
  • Simbionix FES Bronchoscopy/Colonoscopy trainer
  • Four Task Tables
  • Four HD PTZ Cameras (two channel recording)
  • Six Ceiling microphones
  • Six Laparoscopic or lap trainer wall ports for video recording.
D Multi Purpose Room

The Multi Purpose Room is 350 square feet and designed to simulate a PACU or Trauma Bay setting. It can be combined with the Task Training Room for a larger educational area. It can fit 10 people.

The room generally includes:

  • Three Task Tables
  • Laerdal SimMom Manikin
  • Wall plate medical gas supply
  • Patient Stretcher
  • Four SonoSite ultrasound machines
  • Four HD PTZ Cameras (two channel recording)
  • Four Wall plate or other video source recording
  • Four ceiling microphones
  • LED flat screen TV for presentation purposes.
E Control Room

The Control Room is designed to be a private and quiet area for educators running simulations. Laptops that control the various mannequins are housed here and two one-way mirrors overlook both the Operating Room (OR) and Multi Purpose room.

The audio-visual system is controlled from this room. Educators can clearly see and hear what is going on in their respective sessions. The audio/visual specialist initiates recording and controls the audio-visual presentation for the entire lab from this room.


  • Two One-Way mirrors for viewing two simulation rooms at a time
  • Two push-to-talk microphones for ceiling audio
  • Control and viewing of all 28 cameras and all audio and video sources.
F Lounge

The Lounge is a place for students and educators to debrief and relax between sessions - a place to grab a cup of coffee or water and discuss educational sessions. One 60’’ LED TV allows this to become a small presentation space.

G Simulation Hallway

The main hallway in the facility is outfitted with cameras and microphones to accommodate patient transport scenarios and other educational events.

The hallway generally includes:

  • Fully functioning scrub sink
  • Six HD PTZ Cameras
  • Four Microphones.

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