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State-of-the-Art AV Equipment

The Skills Acquisition and Innovation Laboratory (SAIL) is outfitted with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, built with efficiency in mind. This allows for an effective, quick and immersive simulation experience for participating groups.

Monitors in the Conference Room show a simulated operation.

All SAIL rooms can be connected audio-visually for live viewing purposes.

With 25 miles of A/V cables running through the lab, the entire facility is set up for recordings, which can be played back within minutes. Twenty-eight high-definition PTZ cameras are spread through the entire space allowing us to record any room, from any angle.

Anything that emits a video signal can be recorded, including computers, laparoscopes and simulators. SAIL can record up to six different HD video sources at once. Participating parties can request to take any recordings with them. They can be provided on USB, disk or uploaded online for quick viewing.

The entire facility is built with quality of sound in mind – with acoustic paneling and angled hallways. Forty ceiling microphones allow for the highest quality acoustic recording.

All rooms can be connected audio visually for live viewing purposes. This is especially efficient for large bookings where everyone can be involved --- either by participating in a session or by viewing live from another room in the lab.

SAIL offers cameras for simulation viewing.

SAIL has 28 cameras in the facility to record simulations.

SAIL has the flexibility to tailor a custom audio visual experience to any simulation or event.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the A/V possibilities at SAIL.








Virtual Operating Room

The virtual OR houses:


The training room provides an opportunity to master critical skills to ensure procedural efficiency.

A patient simulator, the Laerdal SimMan® 3G, along with an adjacent control room with a privacy window that allows monitoring of simulated scenarios.

  • A simulation room that doubles as a PACU, ICU, trauma bay or emergency room.
  • A task training room with inanimate tissue models, minimally invasive surgery equipment and an advance endoscopic medical simulator. The training room provides an opportunity to master critical skills to ensure procedural efficiency and promote quality outcomes.
  • A state-of-the-art conference room that is equipped with six high-definition LED flat screens, enabling superior quality broadcast designed for interactive teaching sessions including live operations from the hospital's ORs, videoconferencing from anywhere in the world and debriefing sessions following simulation training.

SAIL can recreate a wide array of patient care situations for the learner and help develop the skills required for certification exams. Medical students can practice surgical skills prior to their surgery rotations and train to become integral and safe members of the healthcare team.

Additional Resources

  • The resources in SAIL are supplemented by the Surgical Innovations Laboratory (SIL), which is led by Antonio Bernardo, MD. SIL is a state-of-the-art facility that integrates exquisite cadaveric dissections, 3D visualizations, virtual reality and computerized simulation for surgical procedure and visuospatial skill training. Approximately 1,100 square feet, the SIL facility is located in the C wing of the Weill Cornell Medical College.
  • In addition, the Body Visualization Gross Anatomy Lab is used for larger hands on workshops. This facility serves as approximately 3,100 square feet of additional space for cadaveric labs. The Anatomy Lab is located in the basement of the Weill Cornell Medical College. These facilities allow a comprehensive approach to simulation training for healthcare providers.

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